Manufacturing Update: Assembler Hold-up

All of the components have been ready for some time and are awaiting assembly. What has been holding us back lately are the assemblers. They have not committed to a date and have not started the assembly yet. (They are a massive company assembling for brands that order quantities 100 times more than us and we don’t seem to be their priority.)

We spent considerable time and effort trying to push and get them to move forward.

Fearing that this could drag on, we also decided to open talks with alternative assembler simultaneously and we worked with them on how to assemble the product so that we have a backup factory ready who knows how to make the product correctly. The good news is that they have also successfully made the sample bike.

We are at the same time now trying to get a schedule from them so that we can choose the earliest of the two.

We are not sitting idly, waiting for things to solve themselves or delaying anything. We are working as hard as we can to get this completed and get the bikes to the streets ASAP.

Stay tuned…