Shipping & Delivery

Customers outside the UK will be responsible for their own import fees and duties as determined by their own customs. Currently all bikes are shipped from UK. Please check with your local government for rates and details.

We will ship worldwide. However, if you find that the shipping cost for a single bike to your country is only listed as ROW (rest of the world) and seems high, please contact us. We can look at the specific cost for you and list it.

Shipping fees for a single Twicycle are:

USA $189, Canada- $227, UK- $49, Germany- $69, EU and Europe $139, Australia/NZ- $229, Israel $269, Rest of the world- $289. Add your Twicycle to cart and select ‘Calculate Shipping’ and ‘Update Total’ to confirm your shipping price


Current dispatch time is 3 working days if your size shows “in stock”

Some usual assembly will be required. You can see the detailed video instructions here: https://twicycle.com/assembly/

You can order your Twicycle in our SHOP. The bikes are in stock but in very limited quantity.


Bike Usage

The brakes are located on the handles and in a position which would be similar to a normal drop bar on a road bike. The brakes are the usual road caliper brakes. The cables don’t get mangled up as they are attached to handles with are always horizontal and connected to your hands… they simply move up and down.

There is absolutely no special coordination required!

When given to absolute beginners, in our tests ALL were able to use it immediately on the first go. See short video of one of the open days here (click to see)

Because the handlebars are parallel it comes very natural to first time users and no different to riding a normal bike.

Learning to skate, skateboard, ski, waterski etc are all much much harder to learn yet people learn that in matter of hours or minutes. TwiCycle is incredibly easy to use.

There is a Chest PAD where the rider is resting his chest on. The pad is in such a position that it keeps one’s face a considerable distance away from the chain/chainring so that it can’t come into contact with one another.

An optional chain guard can also be fitted for those who feel the added accessory would benefit them and can be purchased as the extra accessory here directly from us.

The chain can ONLY turn if the rider is turning it. The moment the rider stops turning the bars, the chain stops turning too… And the time you’re turning the handlebars, your fingers can not possibly be anywhere near the chain as they would be firmly on the actual handles.

Yes it does!

There is a separate optional accesory which when engaged locks the handlebars in “drop bar” position and allows TwiCycle to be used like a normal road bike. Note that the hand grips will still have some movement but the whole crank system will not be able to turn.

The Locking Mechanism / Chainguard accessory is available from our shop.

You can use only legs… only arms…or any combination of those. The arms drive the front wheel and the legs drive the back wheel completely independent of each other.

The system currently used on the handlebars is the standard ‘freewheel’ system which means that you can stop pedaling your arms at any time and just coast…

Watch when the back chain gets caught too!

The front wheel drive mechanism is no different to a normal rear wheel mechanism and this has been tried and tested for a 100 years. The risks are the same as for any other standard bicycle.

And with Twicycle even if the chain derails it still only drops a few inches and then stops at handlebars so it’s even safer than the rear drive chain as it doesn’t flap around but stays under tension from derailleur.

Yes you can.

The great thing about TwiCycle is that you can actually separate your workout into different muscle groups on different days.

For example:

Mondays: you can use the ‘Pushing’ motion with your arms for half of the turn exercising your chest and triceps only.. The bike keeps coasting so you don’t have to provide power on the remaining ‘pull’ stroke… or you can help out for that half of the stroke with your legs. You can also wind the handlebars BACK to reset for another PUSH only motion using it like a BENCH PRESS machine.

Tuesdays: you can use the PULL motion only for half the turn exercising only your lats and biceps. This would be like using a ROWING machine!

Wednesdays: Use your legs only as a normal bicycle.

It is no worse than any other road/race bicycle. Professional athletes have been using bikes with even lower aero positions with no evidence of any side effects.

Included Chest Pad on which the rider rests all of their upper body weight, alleviates the stress from the back therefore making twicycle even more comfortable than a normal road bike.

You can do either. Depending on how hard you push. Handling is just like a regular bike once you get used to it.

Yes, Just like a 4WD car, TwiCycle is the bike equivalent of that. Having drive on both wheels increases traction two fold so you no longer have to have the rear wheel just spin and give no drive forcing you to walk the rest of the uphill. The mountain bike version (coming in the future) will demonstrate this even further.

180 degree offset pedals work well for legs but are not desirable for arms as it’s not great for steering… The current version with handles parallel is completely stable and feels immediately natural to first time users.

Yes, absolutely. You can mount the bike on any standard turbo trainer. The front wheel has the same spacing as the rear so you can put the turbo trainer on either one (or both if you have 2).

The original bike comes with 23c tyres as standard. New model with larger tyres will be announced shortly.

The original can easily fit 25c and most possibly 28c tyres (at least on the front without issues). The rear you may need to check when in a bike shop as sizes can differ from brand to brand.

If you need exact dimensions from the axle to the nearest point on either fork or frame, please contact us.

The rider weight on the current bike is limited by wheels mainly which are rated at 100kg. They should be safe to use up to 120kg but will wear out much faster than usual and more care should be taken during use. We would recommend using wheels with more spokes for heavier riders. There is no height limit. Feel free to contact us if you’re really tall and unsure.

Bike Setup and Troubleshooting

The right hand is the dominant hand and should always be on the handlebar and operate the more important and dominant brake (front brake) in case of emergency. For safety reasons, the brakes should remain this way unless of course you are left handed in which case your left hand is the dominant hand. Other regular bikes have brakes fitted based on which side of the road it is driven so this should not confuse you as it has nothing to do with safety or physics.


The chain deflector is designed to be replaced together with the chain as it wears out. It should only make significant contact with the chain in the larger sprockets. Similar deflector design is used in some car engines. It is easily replaced (double sided tape) and we stock spares.

In the beginning the chest pad may feel a little uncomfortable, the same way that the saddle can feel when you first start riding in the season. But you should ensure that 3 set up points are followed to get the correct and comfortable fit:

1. Make sure that the pad is angled properly so that it lies FLAT against your chest when you lean into it. If the angle is incorrect, parts of it may dig into you and make it uncomfortable.

2. Make sure that the forward/back position is correct. It should have at least 2 fingers clearance from your collar bone to prevent it pressing on your wind pipe

3. Adjust the height of the chest pad so that you have at least 2 fingers clearance when you fully extend your arms and lift your weight off it. You need to be able to lift of your weight from it without it catching to make tight steering maneuvers.

4. If you experience chafing one idea is to wear 2 t-shirts. One that is snug against your body and the other that can slide over the first t-shirt. Chose 2 materials that will slide over one another easily such as polyester. (the idea is that the slide happens between the 2 shirts rather than your skin and a shirt). You can also make a cover to go over your chest pad to achieve a similar result.

We also recognise that each person is different so if you still prefer a more padded or different shaped Chest pad, please contact us as we may have alternative pillows that you can obtain. (the design is modular meaning you can just replace some parts if needed)

Check for the following issues that could have been affected during transit especially if the couriers have been rough with it:

  1. The handlebar must be perfectly at 90 degrees with the front wheel. If it isn’t the bike may pull to one side at one part of the stroke making it feel less stable as you spin the handlebar.
  2. The right and left part of the handlebar must be perfectly parallel and on the same plane to each other. They could have moved during transit and are adjusted via the main coupling that connects the two sides. If they are out of alignment, than one hand would always arrive earlier to apply force, making the bike feel twitchy.
  3.  Check your riding technique, if you are pushing more with one hand than the other, the bike will have a tendency to pull to one side. Make sure you apply even and equal force simultaneously to both sides of the handlebar. (also practice first WITHOUT using legs)

The spacers you find with the bag of accessories are for the hubs and serve no purpose for your current 8 speed bike setup. You do not need to do anything with those. The red ones are spare seals for the hub freewheels.

We will produce extra long chest pad posts in 2021, until then contact us for a workaround extension kit for the post which will allow additional length for your chest pad post.

There are currently no rivets installed on the 2018 frame. However these can be added after market (rivets in the seat stays) and threads cut into drop outs. Your local bike shop may be able to assist for these traditonal mounting systems. There are also other systems which don’t need rivets/threads in the frame which might be suitable for Twicycle. Any further questions are welcome.

We advise customers to be sure of their decision to purchase as returns and exchanges are very difficult and it is our policy that all sales are final. The bikes are in high demand and low in stock so we prefer to make bikes available to those customers who are really keen on using it. You can see full terms here: https://twicycle.com/returns