Insider Friends T&C

1. The coupon is your private discount code. You must not share the code online or display publicly elsewhere. The code must be given individually only to people you met in person. (We reserve the right to ask for evidence of personal connection to you such as a photo together)

2. The sale of the recommended bike must be final. (The new user must keep their bike)

3. The coupon is currently valid for 3 months from the date of issue. (please contact for options to extend offer)

4. You have been issued 3 coupons at this time, but we can discuss further coupons on your request.

5. The promotion has a limit of 1 coupon per bike. (in case 2 insiders recommend the product to the same person, only one code can be used at a time per bike)

6. The code is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion or discount that may be applicable at a given time.

7. You will receive your refund from original purchase (or a commission if refund is no longer a valid option) no sooner than 1 month after the recommended bike is delivered. The payment will be sent by either paypal or bank transfer at our discretion.

8. The offer is valid for purchases directly from our website only.

9. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time and without notice before any prospective purchase takes place or after in case we are unable to fulfil an order for reasons such as but not limited to: product out of stock, unavailable shipping method, don’t ship to country, address issues or any other reason that may prevent the product being delivered to the customer. We may give at least 24 hour notice for any withdrawal of offer at our own discretion.

10. From time to time we may publish a list of prospective customers in your area via our newsletter. You are welcome to make contact with them and make sales but you agree not to hold us responsible for any eventuality that could arise from demonstration or test rides with the prospective customer. We suggest that you also advise them that if you let them test your bike, that they take full responsibility for damages or injuries that could result.