Manufacturing Update: Ruined Paint

As you may already be aware, we were scheduled to assemble the bikes last week.

We are really gutted that the bikes have encountered an unforeseen delay.

It appears that the frame paint job was not done properly last month by the paint shop. At the time it looked fantastic and the frames were transported/stored since… however upon the frames going into the assembly, it was discovered that a number of them have developed some paint blistering since completion.

We made the only reasonable decision, to repaint ALL the frames by a New paint shop.

We are not willing to deliver bikes if in a few months they will start developing the same problem. Unfortunately, this was something that was not obvious at the time they were first done but is a blessing that we caught it before delivering.

We are staying up nights discussing re-painting with a new reputable local paint factory and we are meant to find out the scheduling time next week.