Twicycle Production Update

We are really excited to tell you that all is progressing forward nicely.

Our Hubs are now ready, all the special parts are ready, the molds for the forks and handlebars are ready.

The hubs are super light weight with sealed bearings, custom made for us by one of the leading factories in Taiwan. The spec is higher than what big bike brands offer on their standard models on this price range and up. Expect to see the same spec hubs on wheels alone costing $1000 and up.

We have also decided to improve the functionality of the chest pad.

We have made it more user adjustable to allow more varied seating positions and cater to more varied body styles with this new design. Now you’ll be able to tilt the pad for the optimum angle and also slide it forward and backward to find a perfect position on the chest. The post will also have the option for slight up and down adjustment. The height will be adjusted by a small ‘stopper’ clamp on the actual chest post.

We hope to bring you more updates in the next month with further pictures.