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Packed, Sealed and Ready To Set Sail

The bikes are about to begin their first epic journey, across the ocean! They will be sailing out in 3 days.

We plan on getting them delivered as soon as they arrive in the distribution centers, which is expected to be the second half of Jan 2018.


Have you pre-ordered yours yet? There is still time to save a bunch, as once they are in stock, they will be priced at full retail.

Manufacturing Update: Bikes Completed!

The bike production has been completed!

They are packaged in boxes and waiting to be loaded into shipping containers in the coming days. See the pictures below.


There is a VERY LIMITED number of bikes left and an even MORE LIMITED number of frame sizes being delegated to US and European warehouses in the next two days.

If you want to secure your bike, ACT NOW to not miss out on frame size and also the amazing price.

We’ll incrementally be raising the price of the bikes in the coming weeks as there will be fewer and fewer available for pre-orders while they sail over to us. Once they arrive here, they will be priced at full retail.

Manufacturing Update: Assembly Progress

Here are some pictures of the assembly progress.

The new assemblers are well into pre-assembly of all parts.

It’s looking good now and we are excited as it’s moving forward nicely.

We are looking forward to showing you more in the coming days.

Manufacturing Update: Change Of Assemblers

Just an update on the latest from Taiwan.

In the last 2 weeks, we decided to change the assemblers as the original ones wasted so much of our time, and we were not sure of when they would start the assembly.

We concluded our dealings with them and have moved the parts to the new factory since.

The new factory has started work on the bikes, arranging all parts for production and double checking everything.

We’ll have the pictures soon.

Manufacturing Update: Assembler Hold-up

All of the components have been ready for some time and are awaiting assembly. What has been holding us back lately are the assemblers. They have not committed to a date and have not started the assembly yet. (They are a massive company assembling for brands that order quantities 100 times more than us and we don’t seem to be their priority.)

We spent considerable time and effort trying to push and get them to move forward.

Fearing that this could drag on, we also decided to open talks with alternative assembler simultaneously and we worked with them on how to assemble the product so that we have a backup factory ready who knows how to make the product correctly. The good news is that they have also successfully made the sample bike.

We are at the same time now trying to get a schedule from them so that we can choose the earliest of the two.

We are not sitting idly, waiting for things to solve themselves or delaying anything. We are working as hard as we can to get this completed and get the bikes to the streets ASAP.

Stay tuned…

Manufacturing Update: Frames Re-painted

Good news!

The frames have been repainted as of today and they look great! See images below.

We are now waiting for confirmation of assembly date. We are pushing for next week.

We’ll post another update shortly.

Manufacturing Update: Ruined Paint

As you may already be aware, we were scheduled to assemble the bikes last week.

We are really gutted that the bikes have encountered an unforeseen delay.

It appears that the frame paint job was not done properly last month by the paint shop. At the time it looked fantastic and the frames were transported/stored since… however upon the frames going into the assembly, it was discovered that a number of them have developed some paint blistering since completion.

We made the only reasonable decision, to repaint ALL the frames by a New paint shop.

We are not willing to deliver bikes if in a few months they will start developing the same problem. Unfortunately, this was something that was not obvious at the time they were first done but is a blessing that we caught it before delivering.

We are staying up nights discussing re-painting with a new reputable local paint factory and we are meant to find out the scheduling time next week.

Manufacturing Update: Assembly Scheduled

The bikes are scheduled for assembly on 10th of August. We are looking to load them into containers bound for USA and EU at the earliest possible sailing. We tried to do the assembly sooner but unfortunately, this was the first available slot in the factory.

We will update you again soon after the assembly. Please stay tuned.

Manufacturing Update: Finished Frames

We are ecstatic to let you know that Twicycle frames have been completed as of yesterday!

They are now being prepared to be transferred to the assembling partner. It won’t be long now before the actual bikes are on a ship making their way here.

Below are the pictures of these beautiful frames.

Stay tuned…

Manufacturing Update: Welded Frames

Just a quick update on frame progress.


The factory got the new parts and have welded the front main tubes as of this morning. We are hopeful for welding completion by the end of the week. Then we can paint them and send to the assembly line.